Closed EURUSD & EURJPY at a loss. AUD +ve.

11.07 gmt

I’m not yet sure what happened but the Euro 40 pips dropped from 1.3223 / 123.49 within a minute and I’ve decided to get out.

Closed EURUSD @ 1.3177, -41 pips.

Closed EURJPY @ 122.78, -59 pips.

Also closed AUDUSD @ 1.0320, +24 pips.

Account is +105.8%, still over +100% for the month ! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Closed EURUSD & EURJPY at a loss. AUD +ve.

  1. Jones

    From Twitter – Euro area banks’ repayments for LTRO 2 are a disappointment, cause EURUSD to drop below 1.3200, 1.3160 acting as support for now


  2. Noel


    I have just been caught out by the same 11.00am eur/usd move. It seemed unusually swift and actually went 25points past my stop loss before IG executed the order, and cost me more than twice my normal risk per trade. Do you think its worth using guaranteed stop loss orders with increased spread to avoid this kind of mishap? I’ve been trading fx for a couple of years and although the price sometimes skips order levels by 2 or 3 points on data releases etc., I’ve never had a problem like this. Would it be worth querying it with IG?

    I’d be interested to know what you think. Like the blog.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      That LTRO announcement event was not on any calendar, so it was a complete surprise to me. And with no important data releases on this Friday markets will be very thin, hence the sharp moves. I don’t think it’s worth querying with IG – they will say the market moved like that. A stop loss is only a trigger, at which your order gets placed on the market, and the actual level it gets filled can be far from your specified stop loss level. If I absolutely need guaranteed protection, I will use guaranteed stop losses. For example, if I plan to have an open order over the weekend with something like the Italian election results that will have a huge impact on markets, I will use guaranteed stop losses. Good luck.



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