Closed both EUR longs – panic!

10.55 gmt

EURUSD dropped almost 20 pips in a few seconds and at exactly the same time my cable internet dropped off. It just so happens that I left my emergency broadband dongle with a friend yesterday. I panicked and when the internet came back in about 6 minutes with the EURUSD chart looking very ugly, I was getting this ugly sense of foreboding and almost an anxiety or panic attack. I don’t like that feeling and I just decided to close everything and take some time out.

Closed EURUSD at 1.3333, -40 pips, -5.8%.

Closed EURJPY at 124.67, -55 pips, -9.9%.

My internet connectivity is still spotty and I don’t think I will trade any more tonight.

p.s. I’m using my mobile phone to connect. Updated the blog and got a slow but usable connection going. I am going to be very cautious and will trade with tiny orders if I do trade at all.

Telstra (the Australian almost-monopoly telecom provider) has determined that there is a fault with the cable in the street and it will take until the end of the week to fix this. Sh#t !


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