Pre-ECB – Closed all open trades. +48%

12.05 gmt

I think markets have stabilized at the pre-ECB level. We will likely hover around these levels until we hear from Mr. Draghi. Although the system is bullish in all the open pairs, I think it is prudent to take profit and re-assess after Draghi has spoken.

Closed $160/pip EURUSD long at 1.3559, +15 pips, +1.4%

Closed $110/pip EURJPY long at 127.22, +215 pips, +18.9%

Closed $220/pip USDJPY long at 93.83, + 102 pips (average), +14.6% (aggregate of 2 trades).

Account already up +71% for February. Now I have to be careful not to lose much of it over the next few days which is the usual pattern.

We’re finally making up for the disappointments of the last week of January, and the tense waiting of the past 3 days.

Everything comes to those who wait 🙂



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