Technology issues – chart problems

12.40 gmt

I’ve been having computer issues today, could not load my charts. For those of you who are computer savvy, it’s a serious security problem with Java that affects all browsers. Apple and Firefox have simply disabled java on the browser via an update, so I just can’t load the charts. I’ve spent the whole day trying to work around this issue. Luckily I had just closed my last open trade and was completely flat when this problem surfaced so there was no risk. I’ve managed to get some simple flash-based charts up, but I’m missing all my annotations over the weeks, which serve as a guide for me.

From what I see with my plain charts, I couldn’t have done anything anyway, all the pairs are like runaway trains. Impossible to get on them when they’re rushing past so fast! It does feel bad to be missing this action, but the risk is just too great to try to jump on a trade in a market like this just before NFP.

The action since December in EURUSD, USDJPY and especially EURJPY has been incredible, probably unparalleled in the past 5 years or maybe even 10 years. The EURJPY has moved from 100 to 126, 2600 pips in just 2 months! Of course, nothing lasts forever, even this tide will turn. Let’s see what today’s NFP and next week brings. Hope my charts will be working next week!


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