Short EURJPY @ 123.30; USDJPY @ 90.90

3.15 gmt

Risky as it seems, my system has generated a sell signal in EURJPY & USDJPY, and I’m taking these signals. I’ve learnt the lesson – not to argue with the system rules!

Short $132/pip EURJPY at 123.30. Stop loss is just above recent high at 123.88.

Short $132/pip USDJPY @ 90.90, SL at 91.51


6 thoughts on “Short EURJPY @ 123.30; USDJPY @ 90.90

  1. HellboyFX

    Hi Zen

    Well – your trade doesnt look that me anyway..seems risk-off type of scenario might be coming..we know what this means

    Im with you on the short side at 123.44

    Hoping this risk-on carpet is going to be pulled from underneath….

    Hoping for this one to play out


    1. ZenFXTrader

      When I entered the trade a few hours ago it looked quite against the mainstream thinking. Now it is looking better. Still, it needs to break through 123 decisively to shift sentiment.


  2. HellboyFX

    initial targets im looking at for this trade is 122.90 to confirm break – then onto 121.90 and hopefully 121.25

    my two cents anyways..



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