Closed EURUSD @ 1.3588, -32 pips

23.00 gmt

I’ve lost the good ‘feel’ for the market, and today’s NFP is making me nervous. So I’ve decided to close this last position too and re-assess a few hours later.

Closed EURUSD @ 1.3588, -32 pips, -3.4%.


3 thoughts on “Closed EURUSD @ 1.3588, -32 pips

  1. HellboyFX

    Hi Zen

    How are you sizing up this market?

    It does seem heavily overbought at current – apart from EU and UJ the others pretty much in line with risk sentiment wont you say….

    somewhere somethings gotta give…and although everything is pointing to a heavy bullish bias on EU…im not entirely convinced on this

    Your ideas?


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Sorry folks, I’ve been having computer problems today. Can’t get my charts loaded, it’s driving me nuts. Luckily I was flat, so no risk. But missed some action.
      Re yr point hellboy, this is a pretty unique market. I was just thinking about it – I don’t think there’s been such a strong one-way market in over 5 years at least, maybe longer. It’s as if the floodgates have been released in EUR and JPY and the flood just keeps coming. But everything comes to an end at some time. When it does and the market returns to more ‘normal’ it will be a time for the patient ones to harvest. I am pretty sure the tide will turn in February, maybe even after today’s NFP. But to be objective, no signs of a turn yet on my system rules.



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