Waiting, watching the sunset….

Well, not really. Wish I was on the beach watching the sun set. But that is the mindset right now. There’s nothing to do but wait for the market to do its thing.

I had the correct entry on Monday, but got myself scared out of my positions later that day. I’ve now re-entered, but the entry is not as good. And I have to recover the losses I made when I got out prematurely. There was another scare earlier today when EURJPY stayed in the 122.40 area for a couple of hours. It was stressful, but fortunately I made it through.

With the GDP, FOMC, and NFP on consecutive days, this is a heavy week for data. We could see huge swings on these days, and Monday-Tuesday are like the calm before the storm.


5 thoughts on “Waiting, watching the sunset….

  1. HellboyFX

    makes at least two of us….
    loved that first attempt on 1.34 EU earliear..US session will surely bring another attempt to maybe pull the mat from under EJ – also looking at that Fib support at 120.68 and p[revious high asa inital target….lets see

    This waiting is getting to me


  2. HellboyFX

    well – that is another 30 pip stopped out for me on the EJ short….. 😦

    cant seem to catch this thing now….and im feeling the pain

    I was scared of EU trying 1.35 again…my own mistake- my system is waiting for EU below 1.34 for short..UJ is eyeing the short side already..only EU keeping it

    now waiting for the next entry….

    risk overall seems a bit high at the moment…indeed this week will bring more opportunities…

    maybe later this week we’ll see that 120.68 tested…but one thing is sure – it will be a voltaile ride to that point..



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