Will start posting system signals here

12.15 gmt

I refer to my system generated signals quite often here, almost always with regret that I didn’t follow them. It has now occurred to me that I should post the signal here too. This will serve three purposes:

1) Make me more likely to stick to my system rigorously. Since I have publicly declared what are the parameters recommended by the system, it would make it more difficult for me to overrule the parameters without a strong reason.

2) Readers who are interested can follow the system trades themselves. I shall preface the title of the post with SIGNAL, to differentiate from trades that are entered without a signal. My general recommendation for order size is 5% of account. The precise money management of their account will obviously be up to the reader.

3) I’ll have a public record of my system signals.

The only drawback is that by the time I update the blog, the signal might be 5-15 minutes late. In most cases this makes only a small difference to the final outcome, but sometimes it can mean 20-30 pips in a fast-moving market.

In line with this policy let me say that the last 2 trades were system signals.

Long EU at 1.3345

Long EJ at 117.93.


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