12.05 gmt

The system’s turning long Euro! I’ve entered longs as follows:

Long $80/pip EURUSD @ 1.3345. SL at 1.3290.

Closed EURJPY short and reversed at 117.93.

closed EJ short from 117.49 for -44 pips.

Now long $66/pip EURJPY at 117.93. SL at 117.05.


9 thoughts on “Long EURUSD and EURJPY

  1. HellboyFX

    hi again Zen

    Long myself now at EJ 117.88……tight stop though of 35 pips….

    lets see what happens in these uncertain times…will add above 118.1 to this position

    Thanks for your posts regarding the system – will keep track of these as well..does look as though your system comes good most of the time….

    Thing is my system also gives me good results…on a demo…when I try and follow it I secobnd guess and preempt entries and take profits..mostly resulting in worse than my system trades….

    So will try and keep track of your system as well

    Thanks again


  2. HellboyFX

    oh man…how lucky….

    moved my stop to just below 117.5..so woke up this morning and luckily saw im still in it..half anyway – my other one which I added at 118.2 was stopped for 37 pip loss…..

    Im just hoping this time EJ EU UJ is going to challenge the previous highs in the coming sessions


  3. HellboyFX

    took another long EJ on the drop 118.73….

    hoping it works out…

    need to stay above 119…then Im going to try and put my s/l in and leave this one…

    lets ssee


  4. HellboyFX

    wow – things are moving……im long nicely now – average entry more than 100 pips away now….!!

    cant believe my luck…

    but Id like to ask you a question please – if you dont mind

    Im looking at puttin the s/l at 118.8 – effectively locking in 50 pips….

    what would you’re s/l level be – looking at the chart – EJ that is

    apologies if Im hassling you



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