Short EJ & UJ again

12.32 gmt

I’ve decided to re-instate the earlier shorts, since my system is still short these pairs.

Short $132/pip EURJPY at 118.19. SL 118.90.

Short $132/pip USDJPY at 88.60, SL at 88.90


3 thoughts on “Short EJ & UJ again

  1. HellboyFX

    hi Zen

    yeah – crazy day thus far!! there was always going to be stop loss hunting today – that was one certainty..unfortunately I was hunted…!!

    Anyway – all the uncertainty out of the way – market know what the BOJ targets are
    Im expecting this UJ to surpass 90 – maybe even today…

    im looking at hectic upside

    Long myself at 118.24

    best to your trading!!


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Yeah, pretty hectic day. Everybody knows that UJ is going up in the medium term. But I reckon first there will be a correction lower. The Americans will want to have a crack at the downside stops, so I won’t be comfortable going long until after the US session. If the US session cracks the morning lows, we could drop even lower. I’ve built into my rules a way to avoid jumping into trades unless the important sessions are over. The US session will determine the next short term direction.


  2. HellboyFX

    thanks for the heads up on the Us session – also lying in waiting for the next bout of action to give us direction

    Again – not whether Im right or wrong on the trade – it is the money I make/lose doing it that counts….so will be watching closely yes

    If this thing goes back up it will be massively bullish – Im thinking 95 here…BOJ target as well I think..?



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