Sometimes the luck is with you … :-)

6.02 gmt

I just finished the last post and updated the worksheets, and when I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes – EJ has jumped 50 pips and UJ has jumped 40 pips in about 2 minutes!

Well, sometimes even lady luck is on one’s side. Hope it’s a good sign!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes the luck is with you … :-)

    1. ZenFXTrader

      Yeah, lucky. I found out later that a Japanese minister said something which put a rocket under the yen pairs.
      Partial profits: I am a swing trader – I trade the swing up and the swing down. I don’t believe in partial profits. Either the trade is valid, and there is no reason to exit; or the trade is not valid anymore, which means I should reverse, or at a minimum exit the trade.
      I think in this swing the EJ will comfortably break 120, perhaps go to 121.5 or even 123. The UJ should break the 90 barrier today or tomorrow.


      1. Daniel

        Well I beg to differ. IMHO, there is an uptrend, downtrend, and indecision time. Indecision time is a period to take partial profit for me. Over the long run, our net result might be the same, it’s just you will have more wild swing because there are days you made huge profit and days you made small profit whereas for me it’s less of a roller coaster. Good luck, enjoy reading your blog!


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