Missed a big move in EURUSD

2.00 pm gmt.

Yesterday I wrote how I missed the entry for long EURUSD at 1.3066 due to dinner with my daughter. That has turned out to be one expensive dinner! EURUSD has moved up almost 300 pips from that level. Looking at the candles since yesterday, I cannot see any place where I could have entered with a well defined risk. So in terms of trading, my action in not chasing that entry is right, I am trading well. But missing that entry has cost me a huge loss of potential profit. Of course, loss of potential profits is better than a real loss. But still, it is a lesson learnt. I need to think about how I can manage trading within lifestyle constraints.

Today being Friday, I expect we will see some retracement of all the big moves over the past 2 days. I’ll be looking to exit the EJ trade later today.


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