Sold USDJPY, closed long at 87.36

6.30 hrs.

I confess this is terrible trading – getting whipped by the market, bleeding from a thousand small cuts.

I should not have closed my short earlier when the UJ shot up on some news item. It had not got anywhere near my stop loss. For that matter, I should not have closed my UJ short which was entered as per the system rules. I exit that just because I was not comfortable with that trade. Poor discipline. If I’d stayed in, this morning’s spike would be easily manageable, and now I’d be >20 pips in profit, instead of losing 60 pips in the whiplash moves.

Closed USDJPY long at 87.36, -29 pips.

The account is now down -35 %. All through my stupid moves this week and last week, the worksheet where I track my system trades without emotion is doing well. It’s not doing as great as last October / November, but it is up a decent 25% so far.

One thing that makes me overtrade is constantly watching the screen. I should stay away from  the screen, except for hourly glances and when I get alerts.

I need to get my ‘zen’ mojo back!


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