Zulutrade – any feedback from users?

4 Jan.

I have registered with Zulutrade and I’m playing around with it, testing it and getting familiar with the interface. It appears to have the best interface of the 3 I’ve tested so far. I’ll write up a detailed post on my thoughts on the 3 platforms I’ve tested – Zulutrade, Tradency and Currensee.

Meanwhile, if any of you out there have used or tested Zulutrade from the ‘user’ side (as opposed to the strategy ‘provider’ interface I use) – please give me some feedback. I’d like to know how a user uses the zulutrade signals. How much flexibility does it provide, how quick is it, how much cost in terms of spread, etc. Does the user have to use a special Zulutrade platform or is it integrated into the MT4 provided by the broker, etc. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Zulutrade – any feedback from users?

  1. Rez

    So you are starting zulu trading? Very interesting to see what kind of performance you would lift there. The process of registration (for a follower) is simple really , you just have to provide your brokers account (your broker must be supported by zulutrade) and then you’ve set to go. Zulutrade offers many signal providers so the ranking alone by itself wont provide all the good ones , i personally love to use the advanced search method here i input the parameters that i’m comfortable with (ex . max drawdown less than 20-25%) and then proceed in selecting traders that have good and profitable performance. As for the stability of the platform itself i hardly had any technical issues with it , and when something was bugging me i immediately contacted support and they would provide an explanation or a solution. Share your zulutrade account when you are ready to trade Zen.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just sent you a message from my zulutrade page if you need to sign up. My experience with their technical and customer support is also good so far. Regarding their ranking process, I think it is very inaccurate. To go up in the rankings one can just generate pips by keeping very, very wide stops. Anyway, zulutrade is a small part of what I do, and I’m not going to change my trading style just to get high rankings on zulutrade. The most important goal of my trading is to be profitable, consistently. I don’t think that is measured by Zulutrade.


  2. Rez

    Zen dont worry about the ranking so much. If you have good performance other investors will find you using the advanced search.



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