13.55 hrs

Closed EURUSD short at 1.3043, -12 pips.

Now long $150/pip EURUSD at 1.3043, SL at 1.2995.

Also long $160/pip AUDUSD at 1.0440, SL 1.0395.


2 thoughts on “Long EURUSD and AUDUSD

  1. Tim

    Your short Ej and long Eu means that you are short UJ. Because you already have a short UJ, basically you are trebling up on your bet. It’s either boom or bust I think… Pay attention to 10year Treasury…. If it drops below 1.85%, you are in for 50k+ payday…. Or otherwise… Losses…


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, but I don’t care about the cross relationships. It all shows up in the charts – as does the effect of the 10yr yields. I have very clear technical signals which I follow.



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